PS Vita and Gravity Rush Impressions

So I decided to get a PS Vita, and it came last Friday. Mine was ordered from SuperUFO for US$254, with a 16GB memory card for US$49.95. Together in Australian dollars, that $345.20 including shipping. Pretty cheap compared to Australian prices.

Now as for why I got a PS Vita, it was essentially for one reason – Persona 4: The Golden. The fact that I could play the PSP games I already owned on PSN, and the ability to play any other future interest PS Vita games, are bonuses as far as I am concerned.

With that in mind, lets move onto my impressions!


PlayStation Portable 2 revealed

Sony today revealed the PSP 2, as well as a PlayStation suite framework that allows games to be run on Sony gaming consoles as well as on Android phones.

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This is the PSP 2, which Sony codenamed the “Next Generation Portable” (NGP), and it will be available this holiday season. Yes, this year.

The main focus of the NGP seems to be social connectivity, which you’ll see in the hardware and software of the NGP.