Who I Am

I am a student, avid video gamerotaku, and dabbler in amateur programming and web design. Sometimes I also write pulpy fiction for the heck of it.

You can usually find my latest blog posts on Number 17 as kenobi00, or on this website. You can also find me at my Google+ page or my Facebook page.

So whether you are here to stay, or passing through to places unknown, welcome to It’s crazier here.

What I Play

Pretty much anything. I have been noted for liking everything, and while that is more expansive than is true, I do enjoy a lot more than most gamers would. My favourite genres are first-person shooters and role-playing games (be they ye olde westernese RPG or JRPGs), though I also enjoy turn-based and real-time strategy games, racing games, fighting games, and platformers.

My favourite franchises are Half-Life (and anything Valve makes, pretty much), The Elder Scrolls, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, Persona, From Software’s Souls series, Monster Hunter, and Spyro when it was on the PS1. I am looking forward to Persona 4: The Golden, Persona 4 Arena, Assassin’s Creed III, XCOM Enemy Unknown, Borderlands 2 and Watch Dogs.

What I Watch

Like my preferences for gaming, I have a fairly low threshold for what shows I like to watch. Slice-of-life and romance-comedy anime are my particular favourites, though I enjoy science-fiction/mecha and dabble occasionally in action thrillers and mystery.

What I Read

Fantasy, action thriller, crime mystery and science fiction are my favourite genres. The works of Terry Pratchett are my favourite books, and I have a soft spot for the young adult novels of Eoin Colfer.

I also enjoy reading some manga and Japanese light novels. Yotsuba&! remains my favourite manga, and my favourite work across all media.

What I Code

Programming is a minor hobby of mine, and I prefer to read about this topic rather than code in it. While I may not be particularly proficient in these languages, I have done some reading on Python, Javascript and Java. I have primarily coded minor projects in PHP.

What Have I Been On About