PS Vita and Gravity Rush Impressions

So I decided to get a PS Vita, and it came last Friday. Mine was ordered from SuperUFO for US$254, with a 16GB memory card for US$49.95. Together in Australian dollars, that $345.20 including shipping. Pretty cheap compared to Australian prices.

Now as for why I got a PS Vita, it was essentially for one reason – Persona 4: The Golden. The fact that I could play the PSP games I already owned on PSN, and the ability to play any other future interest PS Vita games, are bonuses as far as I am concerned.

With that in mind, lets move onto my impressions!


E3 2012 Day 0: Psychics, Survivors, Pirates and Hackers

On the whole there was disappointment at Microsoft’s conference (apart from the South Park game and segment), a better response to Sony’s conference, and great reception to the games shown at Ubisoft’s conference. That said, Ubisoft’s conference also had the worst presenters, with an awkward Tobuscus not as awesome as his literal trailers, and a woman who made references to ‘girl wood’ (as opposed to the more common term ‘lady boner’). While these two might be awesome in other places, they are not good at hosting media events. Then there’s EA. Tumbleweed would fit on that stage. Dead Space 3 was the only thing that blipped for me in that conference.

Rise Kujikawa on the other hand would be an awesome host.

The big ones to watch so far are Watch Dogs, AC3, The Last of Us and BEYOND: Two Souls. Far Cry 3 doesn’t look to shabby either (and boobies), while Rayman Legends fulfils some inate need for good 2D platforming.

One thing to note is that this year is the year of the bow! Here’s a preliminary list of games shown so far that feature a bow:

  • Assassin’s Creed III
  • Crysis 3
  • Far Cry 3
  • Tomb Raider

Hooray for archaic weaponry!


Humble Indie Bundle 5

Just mere days after the Indie Game Music Bundle, the 5th Humble Indie Bundle is perhaps the best bundle of them all, containing several mega-indie-hits:

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent, perhaps the best horror game in recent years.
  • Psychonauts, one of Double Fine’s best adventure games. And that’s considering all of Double Fine’s games have been excellent.
  • LIMBO, the nightmarish child-death simulator. I mean a puzzle platformer with mysterious story.
  • Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, an amazing pixel art musical journey.
  • Bastion, the game I consider to have the best story of 2011.


Plus all the soundtracks to those games, and Bastion and Superbrothers have some great soundtracks. There are still 10 days to pay for this amazing bundle, and you can donate some or all of that money to the Child’s Play charity or the EFF. So you get some awesome games and contribute to some good causes.