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The K-ON! TV Animation Official Guide and Nichijou Episode 0

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SPRINGPOCALYPSE: Your guide to the anime of Spring 2011

Spring 2011 brings an unprecedented influx of anime series. I haven’t seen numbers like this in my (limited) time as an anime watcher. As far as I can tell, over 30 anime series will air in Spring, and this is EXCLUDING OVAs. Which is why I have termed it SPRINGPOCALYPSE.

SHAFT are doing two shows, and so is Production I.G. With the return of Gintama, Sunrise will also be doing two shows. In fact, Manglobe, Toei Animation, A-1 Pictures and MADHOUSE are all doing two shows. KyoAni returns after a well deserved break after the end of K-ON! Truly, this is SPRINGPOCALYPSE.

Image sourced via moetron, created by cowboybibimbop.

To help you decide what to watch, I’ve separated the shows into the following categories: unique and notable, slice of life and comedy, romance, action and mecha, and one last special category. Not every show is listed here, as I’ve skipped some I don’t think my normal readers will watch. At the end I’ll also be listing what I will probably be watching.

Disclaimer: some of this information may prove to be mistaken or false.
Note: abbreviations for show names are listed in brackets after the title if available.