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August 14, 2014 11:59 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I am not a graphics programmer. I have only passing knowledge of the graphics pipeline and could not code a shader to save my life. But as a gamer I am fascinated by the research behind anti-aliasing techniques, and so it was with great interest I read on Neogaf about the new AA technique being used in Farcry 4, Hybrid Reconstruction Anti-Aliasing, presented at SIGGRAPH 2014.

New Monitor

August 12, 2014 10:33 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I've just installed a second monitor for my PC, the QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution II SE. This 2560x1440 monitor is one of those famous Korean monitors that offer a high-resolution IPS (or more accurately Samsung PLS, which is essentially the same thing) monitor for a relatively cheap price. The downside is that the panels are A- panels, so they're defective enough to be rejected from a big brand monitor, but those defects are not major.