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Houkago no Pleiades Impressions

Yuri shippers on your marks... get set... go!

This was essentially a full season of a generic magical girl anime show compressed into 25 minutes (four mini episodes). In fact it is admirable that they hit all the bases for a generic magical girl anime in those 25 minutes. Here is my summary.

  1. Main character Subaru meets mysterious male in a magical garden.
  2. Subaru is lead to a magically locked room where an afterschool club of magical girls hangs out. One of the girls, Aoi, is her friend.
  3. Subaru is forced to help the girls capture a piece of an engine allowing for intergalactic travel with little explanation. Her clumsiness allows the mysterious evil male villain to take the engine.
  4. Aoi tells Subaru she shouldn’t be a magical girl because she is clumsy and useless.
  5. Subaru despairs, and cries when she can’t find the magical garden anymore.
  6. Aoi and Subaru make up with each other, and Subaru joins the magical girls.
  7. Magical girls take on the mysterious evil male villain. The villain unleashes his full force against the girls to take the rest of the engine parts.
  8. Subaru blocks a shot aimed at Aoi when she realises the villain is the mysterious male from the magical garden, and in a roundabout way declares her love for him.
  9. Mysterious male must return to the stars, and Subaru promises to wait for his return.

In case you didn’t know, both Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura follow for the most part this formula.

I really should stop choosing pictures showing Les Yay.

There were some outstanding bits though. One was obviously the blatant naming of the main character Subaru. Two was the realistic engine noises made by the ‘broomsticks’ of the girls. Finally, they had some nice fan art at the end by various artists, including this one which reminds me of the K-ON! girls on their character song albums.

So yes, this was basically a nice advertisement for Subaru.

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